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New Tower Defense Gameplay
Find new ways to beat your enemies in one of the coolest strategy games! Skilled survivors will join you to explore this fallen world oozing with the infected. Stay sharp, set up ideal Hero formations, and construct fortifications to survive the zombie invasion!
Survival of the Fittest
Lead troops and civilians in your Shelter! Exterminate zombies to survive the apocalypse, or raid other Shelters to sustain your own. You can also form an alliance and fight enemies with your allies in one of the best survival games!
Unique Heroes
Realistic and exciting Hero designs portray survivors from different walks of life. Recruit talented Heroes to help lead your troops, defend your Shelter, and beat one of the best strategy games!
A Realistic Doomsday Experience
The crisis continues to loom over us in a cruel world where it's kill or be killed. Want to experience one of the best immersive survival experiences in zombie games? Look no further! Check out the realistic spherical terrain system with convenient zoom controls that enable close-up Shelter views to satellite views. Download Doomsday: Last Survivors today!
Strategic Battles
Become the best at survival games by utilizing everything you can find. Train multiple troop types and execute diverse battle strategies with Hero skills and attacks to outlast the zombie hordes.
The sound of the chainsaw makes all worries go away!
Doom Girl
Catherine Calamity
Catherine has a secret. When she was seven, she secretly broke a part of her father's car, hoping her parents would spend more time with her if they couldn't go to work. It was when the tragedy occurred that she found out the part she had broken was called the "brakes". She became paranoid from then on, and was convinced she brought bad luck to those around her. The school was having a field day when the outbreak occurred, and Catherine was a cheerleader for the event. She ran into the storehouse to hide, but the Zombies soon tried to break in. Recalling the self-defense techniques her sister had taught her, she grabbed a chainsaw and rushed out of the storehouse. With the chainsaw, she cut off the heads of her former classmates. The spray of blood shocked her at first, but she couldn't bring herself to stop. When she finally broke through the horde with her bloodstained chainsaw, she felt a sense of thrill like never before. The killing allowed her to release all her pent-up emotions, soothing her mind and body. Catherine's obsession with killing Zombies using her chainsaw made her sister worried, but she didn't care. She decorated the chainsaw in her own style, and even gave it a name. To Catherine, the chainsaw isn't just a weapon, it's also a stress reliever--even if it may be more of a poison than a cure.
I'll find a way to end this.
Doom Lady
Cynthia Calamity
Cynthia and her sister Catherine only had each other after they lost their parents, and were often bullied by other children. An elderly woman adopted them, but died in an accident a few years later. From then on, people started calling them the "Sisters of Doom". Those days lasted until Cynthia was recruited by the Meteor Corporation, where she was trained to be an agent. Although she gradually became suspicious of the organization during her missions, she chose to ignore it as she needed the job to support her family. When the outbreak happened, her first thought was to rush to her sister's school. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw her sister fighting off the Zombies with a chainsaw. Since that day, she has fought alongside her sister, killing countless Zombies with her superb marksmanship. To her dismay, she later discovered that Meteor Corporation seemed to have something to do with the outbreak. She feels guilty for working for them in the past, and swears to find out the truth and atone for her mistakes.
The human heart is a swamp.
Zombie Slayer
A shadow that makes its way around the post-apocalyptic world, his precise marksmanship takes out several Zombies each time the sound of gunfire and chains collide. He likes to hide himself in a wide hoodie, but the Zombies "following" him make him the most conspicuous of the survivors. He chose two moderately-sized Zombies, cut off their hands and jaws, and attached cold, strong iron chains to them to make some weapons and luggage carriers. This incredulous "invention" naturally attracts a lot of fearful screams and wary eyes, but Jaden doesn't care. He keeps his distance from others and does not trust anyone. This may be because he's used to the act of abandoning morality and conscience even before Doomsday, and has long been tired of the show. Countless people have speculated about his past, but no one has every solved the riddle. Jaden walks among danger but is always unharmed, bearing deeply buried secrets and purposes no one has ever heard him utter, like a surging undercurrent on a predetermined route.
The world will be okay again, right?
Ray of Hope
Before the disaster, Peggy had a warm home and loving parents like most children. Unlike other girls her age, she was not interested in dolls and pretty dresses. She enjoyed all kinds of sports, and was an outstanding athlete in school. However, she also had a quiet side. In her spare time, she often sat by the window to play the guitar, while her parents listened and kept her company. She was on a school field trip when the outbreak occurred. Mustering up her courage, Peggy picked up an axe from the ground and slashed at the Zombies in front of her. She couldn't remember how she had escaped from the farm. It was difficult for a young girl like her to survive on her own, but fortunately, she met McFadden. She learned many fighting skills from McFadden, and after surviving several crises together, Peggy came to see McFadden as her father. Just as McFadden has been looking for his wife and daughter, Peggy is also eager to be reunited with her parents. Although the hope of reunion is slim, she still keeps a small ray of hope in her heart. Both of them hold on to that hope, and walk on together in the dark post-apocalyptic world.
We'll all die one day, but not today. Not today, and not tomorrow.
Lionheart Hero
Liam McFadden
An Irish-American tough guy who served as an officer and retired as a patrolman dispatched to serve in Dunwich City. He is easy-going, brave, and rational and has won the respect and admiration of the people in the police force. When it happened, the town was attacked by a large number of Zombies, and he led a group of townspeople to defend the shopping center "fortress" with his superior courage and tactical skills. Nothing was left standing, and he lost contact with the upper chain of command. Liam thus decided to stay in Dunwich City for the time being to lead the shelter's survivors. He's come to find that the end times have shifted the norms of survival. It's no longer easy to maintain a balance between reason and morality. His strong sense of responsibility prevents him from decisively abandoning the disabled, while the big picture tells him that he must make a choice among the countless lives waiting to be saved. After several difficult choices and struggles, Liam finally understands that benevolence and rationality are incompatible in the end times, but he still hasn't abandoned goodness and the will to live. Even though some survivors think the way he handles things is "idealistic", he still holds on to the light of humanity under the pressure of survival and moves forward to a cruel but hopeful tomorrow.